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An insight into what we get up to across our ASPIRE OSHC services during our BSC, ASC and Vacation care programs. 

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Hanwood Vacation Care

First day of Hanwood vacation care went off with a bang! 🎉 The children went on their first excursion to Hunky Dory Play Centre! For a bit of down time the kids enjoyed some board games and drawing.

Camden Vacation Care

Lots of colour fun at Camden ASPIRE OSHC! The children had lots of fun participating in the colour run and getting their hair coloured as well as creating their very own unique tie dye piece. 


Over the past two weeks at Aspire OSHC St John’s the year 5 seniors and Miss Sarah have been very busy using their creative skills to create unique one of a kind tie dye t-shirts, socks, tote bags and hair scrunchies. Children used their iPads to research which tie dye technique they wanted to do and then followed the tutorial on how to do so, the most popular techniques were ‘bullseye and spiral swirl’ they were the most effective. Everyone’s clothing, tote bags and hair ties turned out amazing, so bright and vibrant. Children displayed a sense of self pride and achievement as they held up their creations once they were dry. 

Head over to our Facebook or Instagram page to see all of the process and the amazing results.


Today (August 12 2022) is Red Nose Day! 🔴

Red Nose Day is major fundraising and awareness campaign for Red Nose. The First Red Nose Day was held in 1988 in Australia and since then it has become a beloved day for Australians to get silly and fundraise to help save little lives and support families.

For more information and resources click here


The children at Greenwell Point ASPIRE OSHC had a very fun week of before and after school care with lots of different activities. 


Today we celebrate and recognise our wonderful OOSH educators. We acknowledge the important role they play and the contribution to the lives of children, family and communities.

Thank you to all of our ASPIRE OSHC staff across all of our wonderful services.

OOSH Educators: Rising to Every Challenge! 


Today is National Pyjama Day. (Friday 22 July)

Today the educators at Camden, are wearing their favourite pair of PJ's to help raise 

awareness and vital funds to  support children living in foster care.

For more information and how you can participate click here


We have joined the Pass it on Clothing & Co team.

This provides our ASPIRE OSHC team and families the opportunity to donate quality clothing they no longer wear to support those experiencing homelessness.

The bin is located at Camden ASPIRE OSHC. However, all services and families are encouraged to donate with service managers delivering the items to Camden.

First week of vacation care program at Nowra

We had our first ever vacation care program kick off at Nowra these July school holidays. This week we took part in many NAIDOC celebrations. On Tuesday we participated in a Yarning circle - a discussion about what Acknowledgment of Country means. We are developing our very own Nowra Acknowledgment of Country and we included the children in the developing of this. The children have Ochre face painting from our very own educator Marle. We finished off the week with a trip to the local cinema to see the Minions - Rose of Gru. 


Camden | Thursday 07/07/2022

Today was filled with all types of art and craft! Canvas painting, oil pastels, clay, drawing and water colour. 

Stars and Sounds Bambora Tour 

A unique and engaging experience supporting NAIDOC. 

Campbelltown | Tuesday 05/07/2022 

Tuesday afternoon Karl from Stars and Sounds Bambora Tours came to aspire to share stories about his Indigenous life growing up till now. Karl told the Aspire children a Dreamtime story he then allowed the children to come up and put their ear to the end of the didgeridoo, to see if they hear anything. Karl describe the nose as a bee buzzing, he told the children that they may also hear other different sounds and that the children did.

Children were intrigued and interested in todays incursion. They learnt how to say several new words and played a game where Karl would make the sound of an animal into the didgeridoo and they had to guess which Australia animal it was. Aspire children did really well at this game.

Karl used Ochre to paint the children’s faces. Karl informed the children and educators that females have 6 circles on their face 3 above their right eye and 3 below their left eye in a diagonal. Males have lines painted down their forehead/nose , chin and 3 on lines on each cheek.

After Karl had painted the children’s faces he picked two children boy and girl to then paint his face. All children gathered around Karl to watch.

Science and Disney Day

Warrawong | Monday 04/07/2022 - 05/07/2022 

A great day celebrating everything Disney through different arts and crafts, games and stories. We then made a hovercraft made from an old CD, paper cup and balloon.  

Junyard Beats

Camden | Monday 04/07/2022 

Our incursion today was from junkyard beats, combining recycling and music into one!

Using many recycled items the kids went drumming crazy! 

Inflatable World

Campbelltown | Monday 04/07/2022 

A fun day kicking off our vacation care program at inflatable world. Lots of bouncing around on one of the biggest inflatable playgrounds in Australia.

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