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Our Philosophy

ASPIRE OSHC is a Child Safe Organisation. At ASPIRE OSHC we believe that children need a safe, warm, secure and stimulating environment where quality care is provided and is responsive to the culture, Values and Beliefs of all families while seeking passionate and resourceful educators is crucial to providing children with a positive learning environment that is inclusive and respectful to all.


We recognise and value the importance of strong, collaborative, and nurturing partnerships between children, families, community and educators.

ASPIRE OSHC provides children with opportunities to grow and develop as confident individuals by exploring their world through stimulating and challenging play. When planning our programs, we take the time and care to personalise activities based on strengths and interests whilst encouraging the growth of relationships and interactions to support all children to develop a sense of belonging, being and becoming.


We value our educators as our greatest asset and place great emphasis on supporting staff to develop their skills to fulfil their job to the highest standard. We work with staff to ensure they continue to strive for excellence providing opportunities for further training and Development.



  • Reflect the Children’s need for Leisure and a play-based curriculum, where children’s voice is acknowledged.

  • Educators will listen to children’s ideas and extend on them by challenging their thinking and asking open ended questions to enhance their desire to Learn. Educators work collaboratively with children to plan engaging experiences, that foster cognitive, social, physical, and emotional development.

  • Provide opportunities for nature play experiences and learning.

  • Acknowledge and respect the potential and uniqueness of all learners and each other.

  • Promote a strong sense of well-being through developing collaborative and nurturing partnerships with children, families, and the community.

  • Encourage all children to take risks in a supportive environment.

  • Encourage the celebration of diversity within our service to understand and Value each Families unique History, Culture, Language, Traditions, Child rearing practices and beliefs in a celebration of diversity.

  • We Support and Embrace children in developing a secure, respectful and reciprocal relationships with educators and other children.

  • We Encourage and promote Self-esteem

  • Have strong relationships with Families, School leadership, School Parish and the wider community.

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